Grabber Warm Pack (48+ Hour, 120 warmers)

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43.00 LBS
Grabber 48+ Hour Warm Packs are designed for "Extended Duration"! Perfect item to keep products from freezing during shipping operations. Just open the package, toss the 48 hour Warm pack in your package, and keep your precious cargo Warm to its destination. Safe for Shipping! It's dry, clean, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. Average temperature of 115 degrees F, Maximum temperature of 126 degrees F when used as directed.

    Usage Tips:
  • Taping Warm Pack to top of container may prevent it from slipping down and reduce the risk of ventilation holes becoming blocked.
  • When taping, tape around the outside seams only, do not obstruct the ventilation holes.
  • During colder weather, multiple Warm Packs may be used

(1 carton of 120 packages. All Grabber Warmers are designed for one-time, disposable use.)

(Individual Warmer Specs: Size 5" x 7"; Avg Temp 115 F/46 C; Max Temp 126 F/52 C; Duration 48+ Hours)

Looking for a solution to shipping temperature-sensitive items for long distances? Our 48 Hour warm pack is specifically designed for shipping and industrial purposes. The extended natural heat source is the key to insuring that your precious cargo will arrive in the best condition. Item Specifics: • Non-toxic • Safe & Easy to Use • Warms up in minutes – lasts for hours!