Grabber Mega Warmer (12+ Hour, 240 pack)

MSRP: $309.60
Was: $239.92
Now: $179.00
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38.00 LBS

Grabber Mega Warmer is a portable, everyday heat source you can take anywhere! Just open the package and within minutes the Mega Warmer will keep you warm for over 12 hours. It's dry, clean, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. When the Mega Warmer has done its job, just throw it away. Great for pockets, in a Grabber Sleeping Bag Pouch, or as refills for any Grabber Cozy Muff or Grabber Stadium Seat. (1 carton of 240 packages. All Grabber Warmers are designed for one-time, disposable use.)